Dewi is the European Head of SEO for Monster Worldwide, based in London. Dewi has spent the last 3 years developing EU specific SEO strategy as well as contributing to global strategy and ensuring smooth and localised deployment of these into Monster’s European websites. To date, she has successfully lead the SEO front on projects from multiple platform migrations and troubleshooting, through to multi-language at scale copy creation and implementation. The success of leading on these projects has delivered Monster EU over 20% YOY organic growth and two best SEO campaign awards in 2017.

Prior to working for Monster, Dewi spent 5 years of very fulfilling career at Auto Trader UK, contributing up to triple growth on organic acquisitions as well as diversifying audience strategy via multi-channel paid sources such as PPC, Display and affiliates.

Via the unique challenges she has faced throughout her career, Dewi has developed strong understanding in technical and content SEO best practices, understanding that with each challenge, there’s always a plan B and plan C to rally on business KPI whilst Plan A are being developed for the long term.
Dewi is still rather new in the speaking space (have only spoken in Brighton SEO and recently Search Love) but is not estranged to contributing advice or educating those nearby who wants to learn (lots of in-house speaking), and is a huge supporter for women in SEO!

Her professional mantra is, ”Communication, communication, communication”.

Her personal mantra is “always make time for you, your partner, family and friends. The result of working hard then becomes more meaningful”.